KPovray doesn't work well?/ Kpovray ne fonctionne pas bien?

Outils (comme KPovmodeler ou Terraform par exemple) permettant de créer des images 3D avec POV-Ray sous Linux.
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KPovray doesn't work well?/ Kpovray ne fonctionne pas bien?

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At first my apologies for the language use. I'm not english and also not french (I'm dutch) and at other forums nobody had an answer.

i read this tutorial
(nice tutorial)
ant til there everything goes well. But when i wanna Set a material for the Blade I can't choose chrome, i can't select it becease i can't see anything in the popup list,

The other things does works.
Did I installed Kpovray not good or must i install another libary?

D'abord mes excuses du choix de mot the. Je suis Hollandais
i j'ai lu ceux-ci tutoriall
(bien tutorial)
Va à ce jour tout bon. Mais si je ne veux choisir le chrome peux cela omdta me rien vois !

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it's probably because the chrome texture/material is somewhere near the bottom of the tree view, instead of the top.

all declared items should be placed at the top of the tree view, so that all subsequent items could use them.

pov-ray is very structured, so kpm is also. It's like a programming language: if you intend to use a variable, you have to declare it first. In your case, you want to use a variable (the chrome material) but it's not yet defined in the program structure, so the object list of kpm is empty!

Order matters! :)

hope this helps, and welcome on these boards, even if you can't read/write french, we'll try to give you helps whenever possible.